Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beginner Runner and Motivation

Are you a beginner runner needing motivation?  

 Fulfill that promise to yourself... 

The most difficult aspect of being a beginner runner... is dealing with  motivational issues. It can be really tough when all you want is to get in good shape, lose weight and stay healthy. There are many things you can do to keep your motivation high.

Here Are Some Great Running and Motivation and Tips! (by RunningMySpace)

  • believe it or not it's about being happy in your life and finding something just for you to enjoy with friends and/or family.
  • It's for taking the stress off in life
  • for building relationships in a community
  • self satisfaction of achieving goals
  • feeling like you are worthwhile and loving yourself
  • challenging yourself
  • finding yourself
  • believing in yourself
  • believing in others
  • experiencing movement like you've never felt before and it all comes from you.

When you are working to get somewhere from this place now... You will find it in yourself somehow to get you to where you want. 

Beginner runners are constantly battling with their inner will, but it doesn't have to be that hard if you do it correctly.  Start running with the beginner running 5K program and you've got it made, because this program has a plan. This program instantly takes you through the steps to achieve goals! Including weight loss! Once you've done this program for 3 months you'll have gained so much motivation to run, you will never want to stop running. Motivation to stay stay running will be a thing of the past...

Follow a running program that takes you from walking 
to running happy! 

If you need more in a beginner running program and want to train to run a 5K, I urge you to check out the couch to 5K program with Jago Holmes! 

Here is a great video of Derek Redmond a great runner who made a promise to himself...It almost makes you cry.


  1. It really is just getting past those first days or weeks until you start feeling the difference in your body and in your life. From there forward, you have momentum!

  2. Absolutely and once you get going it's life changing:D


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