Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Running Shoes for Beginning Runners

What are the best running shoes for beginning runners?

The shoes that suit your body type, the type of running you do and how you run...

I'll begin with a story about a guy...

I knew guy once who bought the perfect running shoes at a very popular shoe store. 
What happened?
He walked out with the most expensive shoes on the shelf and ended up bragging about how great they were to everyone. 
Two weeks later...
His feet were so sore from wearing the shoes, he ended up disgruntling taking them back and exchanging them for another pair of running shoes.
He was a beginner runner and trusted everything the sales person said. 

The next pair of shoes were even worse...

By this time he was too embarrassed to take the shoes back...
Luckily he met a women he was smittened by, she directed him to a trusted shoe store that provided him with all the information he needed. He was able to return the shoes he had with the accompaniment of the women and finally get the running shoes he needed.

Now my friend runs with happiness and pride and I might add ...along side the women of his dreams.

What are the best shoes for runners?

There is no one best shoe, it has to do with some determining factors about you. Are you pronated, supinated, or do you have a normal flexed foot? Are you a beginner runner, do you run on pavement, in the woods, through trails? Are you on a track team and running short races? Are you running longer races 5Ks or marathons?
Buy the right running shoe and  try the wet test.

How do I know what running shoes to buy? 

By using your intuition and building your knowledge about what's best for you will head you in the right direction. Go to a few running stores and get a feel of what each store has to offer. You will have the opportunity in finding knowledgeable people and good prices. Know that when you are buying shoes it's like going to a candy store and seeing all the different colors and flavors. Once you get past the candy counter, you can get down to what's best for you in a shoe. Make sure you ask lots of questions and tell them you are a new runner.

How much should I spend on running shoes?
 Since you will be shopping around you will get a feel of what the prices are. Expect to spend between 80 and 150 dollars. There are great sales that will have you spending cheaper, but really look at this as a good price range.

Educate yourself and make it a day and have fun buying your new shoes!

Once you know your shoe type you can buy shoes online for really good prices!

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  1. Great post! It is always advisable to choose a shoe for your foot type rather than choose the most expensive or the best looking.


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