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How do you get faster at running?

My last post was on, "Why do I run so slow?" I mentioned how
running was one of those sports that requires you to train on a consistent basis and evolve with...
You might be wondering to yourself , 
If you haven't read it yet, I urge you to do that now so you understand the fundamentals of... 

"How do you get faster at running?"
Considering running is one of those sports requiring you to train on a consistent basis...
This is all going to be a very gradual process, if you jump the gun so to speak then you might be limping away with an injury...If You think getting faster at running is a slow process, wait until your knee starts hurting and you can't run anymore.
Could be another lost goal in the making! 

Are you actually Running with a purpose or just trying to run fast?

My job is to make sure that you keep on running. I want you to run for your life so that you'll be proud of yourself  and be the talk of the town!
Well, maybe a little smaller... 
The talk of your household!

OK let me get to my point 
How do you get faster at running, you get organized and find a good plan.
The number1reason most people who run don't get faster!
They have no plan.

They have no direction and run in circles...
They are running Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday or only running weekends. 
They have no knowledge that directs them to going faster.

It's alright if you like to run like that, but the thing is...You want to do it right and not get depressed about something that just is not happening!

You know... there is a little spot in all of you that likes competitiveness. 
Competitiveness with yourself and then with people. 

You might say that you are not competitive
Well, tomorrow you might run and try to run a bit faster then the day before. 
Or this week you try to put more miles in so you can up the miles from the week before. 
See... I see a little bit of competitiveness in you. 
You've learned to run and it's time to make it exciting...
You don't have to race yet. 
Just race yourself...
You need a good plan and a good goal!
How do you get faster at running?

You need to find a program that trains you and isn't just a bunch of tables showing you what to do each day of the week. You need more than that. 
You need to know how fast to go on some days and have it custom made for your own ability. 
This plan would factor in your age, your level of fitness, your running performance this far and even engage some confidence. 

This is the time of year to train for a 5K race or whatever your up to and do it right!

If you are thinking of a race for next season, then you need to start with something. 
You need a plan to get you started today and get you going with confidence and understanding where you are starting from. 
You need to know what running is all about. 
Maybe you want to be faster, you will get faster with this program.
Maybe you want to lose weight, that will happen too. 
Maybe you want to just get better at this whole running thing and complete a goal, this program is definitely for you!

5K Training for beginners
It's not a cheesy program offering you unbroken promises, it's a program that will drive you to your goals...
With a lot of other interesting information too!
click on the link and...

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