Friday, September 9, 2011

Why do I run so slow?

Running is a sport that requires you to train on a consistent basis and evolve with...

You might be wondering to yourself,
"Why do I run so slow?" 
Considering you run consistently now and you're struggling with running slow.
The reasons run deep...
(No pun intended.:)

Running is a sport that develops you at a cellular level,  in other words beginning within your cells.

If you've been non-active for a long  period of time, your cells customize themselves to this very state of living. The interesting thing is when you change your state of being, then your cells are ready to change along with you. The hitch, it takes cells time to acclimatize themselves to your new way of life.

When you start running your body is put on an ahhh mode, this is an alert state that begins to investigate and make sure everything is alright for change!

When the reasons for the alert is discovered, the body and cells act accordingly to fix, mend, and build... which all sound like the same thing and it is... Muscle and tendon fibres expand and tears need to be fixed,   inflamed ligaments need to be mended. And...Lastly you build strength to the muscle, during rest periods. These are reasons why muscles are so sore when starting a new activity.

This is why you are slow...

If you are running consistently and not upping your program to the next challenge, cells become complacent. Hence they don't have to work hard to fix, mend and build...It's as if the cells have customized themselves again, like the non-active runner. Pushing yourself to go faster every once in awhile feels good for your cells to muster and new cell stuff starts happening!

What cell stuff is involved?

Now, you need to be thinking about your muscles, ligaments,bones, lungs and heart.  This whole process of making you faster will have all these parts in your body acting accordingly to a program! This is a program from which their own program originated, the way your cells are designed to behave when new things happen. The body is always in the healing and building mold when encounter new things!

Let's switch it up a bit... 

Just like when you started running, you switch it up a bit by adding interval training, tempo runs, and a long run day. Your body is back in the aaah mode. The aaah mode is this alert mode that fixes, mends and builds your muscles, ligaments, bones and organs. All of these factors changes your bodies capabilities by continually making you stronger and faster!

Speed is something to be worked on... 

When you find you are slow, you look for a program that is consistent and point to the proper objectives by getting you there in a reasonable and timely manner at best.

This program is just that by evolving your running and pointing you towards the right objectives, improving your running and speed. This program also introduces you to proper nutrition, diet and weight loss!

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