Tuesday, May 1, 2012

10 Jogging for Beginners Tips

How do I start running?

Running is a natural movement, but not so natural if you are learning to run for longer distances than you are used to.

Here are 10 Jogging for Beginners Tips on How to Start Running.

  1. Make sure that you wear clothes that breathe well, allowing sweat to pull away from your body.
  2. Wear running shoes that are meant for running, it's best to get them fitted at a running store.
  3. Track your runs with a running journal and running watch, these both are excellent choices.
  4. Make sure you start running using the run/walk method try the first 6 weeks and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter.  
  5. When you do the run/walk method always begin with a warm up of walking and a cool down of walking.
  6. Do stretches when finished or sneak in a few stretches after 10 minutes of walking warm up.
  7. Sometimes I have problems with skin that rubs and gets sore, the best solution to use body glide.
  8. Run with your chin parallel to the ground and upper body quiet, except for your arms that should not cross over the front. Learn about this here.
  9. If you are tired, slow down until you get your breath back and then resume your pace.
  10. If you feel any pain your body is trying to tell you something. Stop and walk until the pain goes away, if it continues takes some rest days, and see a physician if it doesn't heal from rest.
This should help you get on your way to running at least for 6 weeks. Make sure that you sign up for more tips and motivation.

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