Monday, May 7, 2012

3 Powerful Ways to Keep You Running!

3 of the most powerful ways to keep you running on schedule, injury free and motivated!

1.You can schedule the days you are running this week by writing it in a calender or day planner!

Get your calender out and start putting the dates you are running this week.
Make sure you fill it in with
pencil, so it can be erased if you have to switch days!
Making your schedule for the week is good practice to get into for Sundays.
When you write your schedule, you validate it with a big blue check when completed.

Don't forget the time of day you intend to run!
Morning, noon or evenings?
It's easier and more important when you see what time you are doing your runs and scheduling it like it's a real appointment.

Sore feet, ankles, shins, hips or back?

2. Create the Strongest Body with YOGA!

Yoga is great at attaining a stronger more flexible body!
I can't tell you how great yoga has been for me.

My body is stronger and more flexible than it was when I was 30!

You name it, I've had it!
For years I had the occasional shin pain(shin splints), a nagging sore hip and a few other injuries developing along the way...
I really didn't know why... :)
I tried stretching, icing, slowing down, cutting out my mileage and different shoes...
I decided the injuries happened because of my age... 40s...This was confusing because I'm not that old!
My doctor told me my bones and muscle tone were stronger than most, since I'd been running for so many years!
What was really happening was my flexibility was taking a nose dive and the strength I didn't build from running, needed some work.

One day I was going through the Internet and found this Runner's Yoga Program
So I tried to do it as much as I could.
Now have a better stride, posture and feel great!
I didn't know that my body was weak in the first place, because I truly believed running was doing it all for me!
If your body can't do some range of motion, (stiff and not flexible while you run) it will use another source to get you there...
It's usually a part of the body not meant for running.
And that's how injuries begin.
I don't get any pain anymore because I do YOGA at least 3 times a week.

YOGA is relaxing and I do it at home in my family room.
It improves strength and balance. You don't have the same strength on both sides of our body.
I found out that my left leg was a lot weaker than my right and this affected my running posture, leaving my hip to do the running.
I also discovered that my right side was not as flexible as my left and this put pressure on my lower limbs.

After doing Yoga for about three months, I felt amazing!

It's kind of nice getting the kids flexible too,
because they becoming stronger and do better in their activities.
If anybody asks me what to do about an injury,
an awkward running style, or imbalances; I tell them I fix it with YOGA.

Here's a great Runner's Yoga program that is specific for running.

3. Getting bored running?
If you are getting bored of your running, change your route...Go run on the track and try some interval training!
Or run your usual route in reverse!

If you're having some difficult days running, accept that it's just an off day. Continue the next day a little slower...
Don't compare yourself to other runners, because we are all different. From out focus to endurance!
If you lack focus in your runs, make sure you follow the 5k plan, so that you are right on for what you have to do!

Have a great week!

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