Friday, June 29, 2012

Eating Too Much After Workouts

Reading this post you'll know how much to eat after a workout, what to eat and when to eat when you're finished..

Eating foods rich in carbohydrates and protein are best at healing the body after a workout.

Each of us require different amounts of calories depending on our body size, nevertheless it all comes down to three things. 

  • how much you eat
  • what you eat 
  • when you eat post exercise.

Believe it or not it has a profound affect on what happens to your metabolism and healing.It is detrimental if you're trying to lose weight!

So how much is too much?

Eating 400 to 450 calories for a smaller person under a150 pounds and eating 450 to 500 calories for a larger framed person over 150 pounds. If you you eat around this range, you can be assured you won't be overeating. 

What are the best foods?

The ideal food your muscles need for your recovery after exercise are carbohydrates and proteins. These are great fuel sources for feeding, building and healing muscles. You need a certain amount of both so it won't get stored as fat. The best food for recovery after exercise are fruits, vegetables, soy, tofu, chicken, beef, brown rice, protein shakes, raisins and nuts!

When is the best time to eat after exercise?

The key is to eat 20 to 60 minutes after the workout, this is when your body craves the nutritious fuel you eat and use it for recovery by building strength in muscle. Eating at the opportune time helps your body manufacter those nutrients and put them where they are needed. You become like a well oiled machine when you follow up with these nutritional needs. Understand after you pass this doorway of opportunity, your healing and building efficiency slowly diminishes. The likelihood of food being stored as fat is much higher.

Engaging in this rule will have you not overeating after an exercise regiment like running. You won't feel cravings to eat more, because you've done it properly!

I remember coming back from a run completely sunk from eating anything. I really just had no appetite until snack in the afternoon, then I'd eat like a powerhouse! 
Little did I know I was really restricting my body from healing and fuelling correctly. I didn't realize the longer I waited to eat the less effective the food I was eating later on was going to be for me. This whole process helps to keep your metabolism in check as well. When you don't at least eat 1 hour after exercise, your body does what it's suppose to do. Protect you from starving. 


Our ancestors had tough times getting food...Our bodies are so intelligent, so without us knowing it our little ticker for metabolism goes into slow mode. This is so, as to not burn too many calories and keep our organs and body alive.

The benefits of eating well, at the right times and with correct portions go a long way in building the foundation for better running or any exercise for that matter!

I've always wanted to eat clean and not have to worry about the foods that are packaged in the grocery stores. 

The types of chemicals put in foods have me sometimes scared if it's really safe! I was doing some looking around a few years back and bumped into Frederic Patenaude and the Raw Food Diet.
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