Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Running Shoes for Running

As the weather gets colder and seasons change it may be time for new running shoes!


I struggle sometimes buying new shoes, there are so many different kinds of running shoes to buy!
It should be so simple right?
Just buy the shoes you already have!
What if you're not keen on the shoes you're wearing?
What if they stopped making the shoes you loved?

Here are 7  'Shoe Things'  to ask yourself before buying new running shoes... 

(By: RunningMySpace)
  1. Should I stick to my usual brand?
  2. Should I buy a minimalist shoe?
  3. Should I  buy a shoe with super support?
  4. How many miles do I wear my shoes before I get new ones?
  5. I do other sports, should I just buy a cross-trainer?
  6. Should I buy a  trail-running shoe if I always run trails?
  7. Should I buy a winter shoe?

Let's start with the first one...

Should you stick to your brand?
Yes if you like it - and - No because there may be a better shoe out there for you.
Really, you need to tell a shoe store specialist what type of running you do and ask lots of questions.
There are a host of running shoes out there ranging from the type, colour, style all the way to the staff favorites.
Don't get sidetracked.
Try on lots of shoes and pick and choose from there.
Believe me the shoe wall can be overwhelming and confusing sometimes, so you really have to tune in to how the shoe feels and listen to what the shoe specialists says.

Buying a minimalist shoe?
They are the new trend... With finger like treads or smooth bottoms, they simulate natural barefoot running.
These shoes are great at enhancing running posture and having you run in a more natural stance...Like when we were kids!
You need to be careful if you are prone to Shinsplints, Achilles Tendon or knee pain because a good arch support for your flat feet or high arch is something you need.
If you have pain in the legs, hips, back or feet purchase a more supportive shoe until you get better and then transition slowly to a minimalist shoe.
I do not recommend people over the age of 40 wearing minimalist running shoes because over time we need arch support to protect our feet and body.

The Super Support Running Shoe
 If you are injury prone you need a supportive shoe.  The Asics Gel Nimbus is great! (Check them out here!)
The cushioning and the superior mid sole protection will help diminish sore pains and prevent injuries.
I had a terrible time with shin splints once and  this shoe was a life savor! I later switched to a shoe with less cushioning because I my feet were getting used to too much support. (That's another Newsletter)
It's kind of like my feet were on crutches for 4 months and it was time to go back to a shoe to work those feet back into shape.

Miles, More Miles... More Kilometers and Miles :)
Generally you need to change your shoes at the 300 mile mark, you can push it to 400 miles if you do a lot of trail running (500 to 650 Kilometers)  and when you train for a 5K or other race be conscious of your shoe mileage, otherwise the shoes maybe garbage for running.
Even though your shoes may look great, your running shoe is breaking down and providing you with nothing.
The tread may be worn just a little, but the inside mechanics of the shoe is shot.
It would be like driving your car on flat tires and the rims suffer having the car break down.
I've made this mistake before and know now not to push it.
It's very hard for me to change shoes I love, but if I don't I get myself in trouble.

Cross Training Shoes
Should you buy them? No.
If you are running weekly, even 7 miles, you need specific shoes for running.
Cross- trainers are great for bumming around doing different activities, but not great for the serious runner.
Injuries will start due to lack of support not in the right places.

Trial Running Shoes
Trail running shoes are great and provide ultimate comfort for runners. They run a little bit heavier then your street running shoe, but can offer great gortex protection and treads that save you from snow, mud and even sometimes ice.
Do you need a Trail Running Shoe if you run in trails?
It depends how often you trail run, where you are running and if a street shoe will do the same as a trail-runner.
There are lots of trail-runners to choose from and some have treads like winter tires.
If you run on rough trails all the time, certainly pick up a nice pair of trail-runners, but if you are only running occasionally through the woods or grass I'd stick to regular running shoes. Or...Buy a trail-runner for those trail running days.
My problem is I love the shoes I'm in and have a difficult time switching shoes from run to run...That's just me...Picky :))

Buying Winter Shoes
Winter shoes are the same as trail-runners, they have a protective outer layer, gortex for your feet and a great out sole.
It depends on the terrain you are running and how much snow you venture through.
Running in the winter you encounter many different conditions and trail-runners help you from slipping and sliding keeping your feet dry.
I would recommend having a pair of trail-runners if your winters are crazy with ice, snow, slush, rain, and sleet!
Winter running isn't easy if you have to constantly stop yourself from slipping on ice and snow,
so take a look at Yaktrax they are all I use with my regular runners to stop from slipping!

Having the right shoes makes running enjoyable and injury free!

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