Monday, November 26, 2012

Stay Motivated Running This Winter

Stay Motivated Running This Winter
Are you feeling...too cold, too wet, to this, to that to run this winter?

As we wind down to the end of the year and start a new year, most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are going to be battling with issues of snow, ice and cold!


It's very hard to stay motivated running in the winter when you're confronted with weather like this.

Maybe you just want to hibernate and forget about this whole running thing until spring!
I feel like this sometimes too!

So, I really have to dig deep inside and find ways to keep my mind motivated in staying running!

Many, many of you are saying you are not going to run this winter. 
If you don't want to run this winter, it's OK!!!!
You can still do other exercises to maintain your fitness, lose weight and relieve stress.

You can stay fit this winter and replace your running for another sport or run indoors. 

You can do a sport where you'll be working with-the-snow or just stay cozy inside doing a sport!
 go back to running outside in the spring and train for a 5K!

Here a few to ponder over...All these sports promote great exercise strength and help with distressing, keeping your cardiovascular health in tact!
  • The treadmill, swimming, walking, strength training, yoga, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snow shoeing, rowing machine, stationary bike, aerobics, indoor running track or join a sport like basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer or volley ball. 

For those of you who just can't hang up those running shoes, you need the right kind of stuff to keep you warm and keep you going.

(How you are going to run through this plethora of winter weather?)
15 Great things a Runner needs to know this Winter. (By: RunningMyspace)
  1. Set weekly or monthly goals...( ex: run 30K/week or train for Chilly Winter Race, lose 10 pounds.)
  2. Check the weather often and make your 3 day schedule around the weather.
  3. Dress in thin polyester layers with a  gortex shell.  Wear clothing suitable for temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees warmer to prevent overheating.
  4. Run in the warmer part of the day if it's really cold.
  5. Wear good wicking clothing to prevent feeling wet and catching a chill. Good sports apparel pulls sweat away from the skin.
  6. Always wear a good wicked hat and mitts to prevent heat loss.
  7. Choose shoes with excellent traction and with a gortex weather proofing (Cross trainer's). Use them with Yaktrax if needed. 
  8. Run on salted sidewalks, paths or packed trails to avoid the dangers of slipping.
  9. Use a school track or a trail loop and walk the path to pack down. It's perfect for running on after using good shoe apparel. Use it as your winter running spot.
  10. Don't run if temperatures or windchill exceeds 20 degrees C or 0 degrees F, opt to train in home or at the gym. 
  11. Meet friends a couple times a week in your running schedule to help you keep motivated.
  12. Join a local running club to meet people with the same goals you have.
  13. Wear bright reflective clothing when running in the dawn to dusk to be seen.
  14. Run in well lit up streets or trails.
  15. Don't forget to journal all your running experiences in a running journal or at Dailymile. Dailymile you meet plenty of runners providing you with continuous motivation. Just look up Gilly with the running legs :)
Just remember even though winter is hard to run in, if you follow these great tips running will be easier to access this winter. So put on your best shoes and let's go!

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