Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Great Ab Exercise to Do All Day!

My GarminI have this thing about doing stomach crunches...

You know the exercise where you lie on you back and strain to pull your upper body up to your knees so that you can build the muscles in your stomach area. I get a head ache, a sore neck and by the time I'm done doing them for 3 weeks I'm not sure if I see a real difference. The reason why is it is really hard to do crunches right. Lots of times I am straining my back and neck muscles, even when I think I am doing it right.

I finally found a way to strengthen my abs muscles and have seen huge changes in the way my abs look and even positive changes in my running!

exercise all dayWhen you walk or run you use your legs to get from A to B right. Of course, but most of us use too much of our legs in the run/walk and are not effective in saving energy. When you have strong abdomen muscles you take stress off the legs, your back and knees and hips. This is why it is a huge benefit to have strong abs!

Having strong abs and adding this with good posture will even make you a lot faster!

I've already mentioned before that having a good posture can really change your running.

 I'm not kidding!

 If you been huffing and puffing away while you run you are using too much unnecessary energy. Energy that could be saved for going longer distances!

So here is the thing...

If your goal is to feel good and become a runner, it would be a good idea to learn this new little tip.

*Try this just lying down, then standing and think about it when you walk or jog...

  1. Think about your lower ab muscles and flex them...
  2. Try not to flex your butt or the top abdomen. Just your lower abs. 
  3. Stand up and try it. 
  4. Now...Think about your lower abs and that whole pelvic area holding gum balls, if your lower abs are flexed and your back is straight --- the gum balls won't fall out. 
  5. Once you get used to this you can  incorporate it in your walk and run..
This helps to create a good posture and is a good position for building your abs all day. 
 You will love the way your abs will look and feel. Your running and walking  will be stronger and so will your confidence.

So try this and comment to let me know how you did!
  Standing with good posture  makes you look  and feel so much better!

Yoga is another program that is really good at building specific muscles and great for stretching and lengthening muscles. Lots of  people do this program and are really enjoying seeing all the benefits in their running program. It really is a great program and it is especially for runners!
Click on this link and watch the video, scan through the page and read all the benefits. If you like it, order it.
I know you will love it.

To good posture!

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